Mad With Power Is:

Kimberlee Roberts

Jody Roberts
Guitars, Vocals

Jason LaBelle

Norm "Nashty" Nash

Frank Shimer
Lead Guitar

Barbara Clark
Percussion, Vocals

The Story Of Our Name

The Official Mad With Power Gasparilla Logo!

From Kimberlee Roberts:

On a car-ride back from Disney, I mentioned to my family that we had been trying to think up a new name for our just-formed band. My teen-aged sons immediately started in with names - most were way out of left field, wacky and some, unprintable. Funny, but not what we were looking for. While this was going on, I was searching for decent songs on our iPod and kept skipping the "Anime" music that my kids had downloaded because it's not my taste. Of course, this started a small war over who gets control of the radio, etc. I finally said that since it was MY car I got to pick the music. This comment prompted my then 14 year old son to blurt out "Mom, you're just mad with power!!" I liked it, suggested it to the band and the rest, as they say, is history.



Jody Roberts